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Welcome To the New DHD Blog

by Rick Barcode

Rick Barcode

Welcome to the new Dirty Hard Drive Blog!
So much has changed over the last year that I thought it was only right to revamp this site.

So here’s a little history to bring you up to speed…
YEAR ONE: Build a website with the Mrs, Katie Kox (@katiekox), about our dirty lives together.
YEAR TWO: Expand, expand, expand – Build more websites.

THE PRESENT: Were now in our third year and have finally found our groove and our identity. We realized that we don’t really want to be a giant network and that the corporate thing is just not our bag (we are pornographers after all). And so this year has been a very transitional period for us with so much going on behind the scenes.

We have decided to take Dirty Hard Drive in a new direction… We are going to turn this network into a self help group for single parent black lesbian dwarfs JUST KIDDING ;P Actually we are concentrating on making DHD into a premium boutique brand with about 10 individual porn star sites and a couple of niche sites.

In order to make this a reality we have had to do a lot of restructuring and unfortunately in some ways it feels like we have had to take one step back to go two steps forward. But now we trimmed the fat we are ready to take on 2012 full force!

We are about to launch a new hand job site called BangMyHand.com that we are all very excited about. In addition to that we should be launching the long long awaited TeaganPresley.com (but more about that in another blog). and our official porn star merchandize and web cam store is now open for business, TheDirtyCollection.com We are also very excited to welcome the very sexy Kiera King (@kieraking) to our family and we will be launching her site in March next year. Another big project for us recently was the introduction of streaming media within our network, which is a fancy way of saying you can now jump anywhere on the Flash Video timeline without having to wait for the video to buffer. Doesn’t sound like a big thing but we actually had to remaster all of our video’s which took forever!

Now that we have our new blog the team and I will be making a big effort to keep everyone updated with everything going on behind the scenes. No more trying to be another faceless XXX network.. we are real people making real porn. Why? Because we’re DIRTY :)


Rick Barcode